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7 Fun and Easy Activities for Women’s Groups

Fun Activities for Women's Groups

How many of us have said to our lady friends online or in passing, “Let’s get together soon!”? I know I do it all the time, and I really, really mean to. But life happens, and we all get busy. At least that’s what we say, but relationships with friends and family are important. If you’re looking for get-together ideas for ladies, here are some great, simple ideas to get you started.


Get-Together Ideas for Ladies in Bigger Groups

Potluck Lunch

Invite friends who know each other, or invite ladies from your neighborhood. It’s important for your guests to have something in common; otherwise, gathering a group of random strangers isn’t going to be fun for them. Send an invite, asking everyone to bring a favorite dish to share at your home at a set day and time. The food can be homemade or purchased. Ask for RSVPs and find out what people are bringing to avoid duplicates. As the host, it’s best to provide a main dish, something like appetizer meatballs, finger sandwiches, soup, etc. so you have a staple the other dishes can complement.

Now, let’s boost the idea of a basic potluck.

Potluck Themes

You still provide the main dish and assign a couple of complementary sides. Then you ask the rest of your lady guests to bring something related to a theme. Some ideas: dishes made with Jell-O, veggies (or be specific, like zucchini), chocolate, cheese, etc. Just pick one idea. Then invite everyone to your Jell-O potluck, for instance, and explain how it will be done. Or you could do a potluck where everyone shares their favorite healthy dishes. That way it’s a testers’ table for people to try. This could be really fun and interesting. Depending on your group, you could specify keto, gluten free, paleo–whatever you’d like and would fit your friends’ personalities. In my neighborhood, I think the Jell-O one would be fun to do. Look at all the fun options.

Here are some other get-together ideas for ladies that you could do without serving a meal. Light refreshments would be perfect.

What’s in Your Purse? Game

This is a fun, simple activity that I attended a few years ago. A large group of ladies were invited to a fun evening and told to bring our purses but we wouldn’t be spending any money. Instantly our curiosity was piqued. That night we were divided into small groups and given a slip of paper with items listed and point values assigned to each item. Then we were told to search our purses and see if we could come up with each item. Some were basic, and our group scored lots of points. Other items were tricky or bizarre. Invariably, someone in the group had them. It was funny to watch as ladies rummaged through their bags for these obscure items. We laughed as some pretty crazy items surfaced. After we’d all finished our group searches and tallied our points, the hostess announced the group winner, and I think we each received some small, minimal prize. Then she awarded individuals for certain categories, like strangest item, funniest item, most-practical item. I remember that one of my friends won a prize because she had a crusty, old muffin wrapper. She’s a highly successful, organized businesswoman, so we laughed big time, and she was a really good sport. When asked how long it had been in there, she thought maybe a month or more. Too funny!

Want to play this game? I’ve made it easy for you. DOWNLOAD this 8.5 x 11 printable and keep score. High score wins.

NOTE: I’ve updated this game and have several themes available to use for baby showers and at Christmas.

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Get-Togethers with Big or Small Groups

Service Projects

It’s easy to find service projects in the community, and some of them can be done from home. Get together with friends to make it more fun. I wrote this post about ways you can write to people in need. You can also tie fleece blankets for local children’s hospitals, and many police stations accept comfort blankets or stuffed animals to give to children in dire situations.

Binge-Watch Movies

Dying to watch Jane Austen with friends? Here you go; Netflix has everything you need. Other ideas: both Grease movies, any holiday classics, and so much more. Not enough time to watch several movies? Just pick a good one. I once invited girlfriends over to watch Chocolat, and of course we indulged in chocolate yumminess.

Build a Campfire

Roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Make smores. Talk and visit. Bonus if someone can play the guitar and lead a group sing-a-long.

Go on a Group Hike

Whether it’s local or global, anywhere you go there are incredible hikes to enjoy. Since I live in Utah, I have many great options. Do a search on Pinterest and find hiking tips and trails for your state. Do a potluck picnic after. No stress. Everyone just brings items to share.

These are a few of my ideas. How about yours? What fun get-together ideas for ladies have you seen or experienced?




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