65 Clean Books to Read

How to find clean books to read: that's something many of us avid readers struggle with. I belong to a book club that is comprised of neighborhood ladies who attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Occasionally, someone not religious or of another faith will join us. Regardless, we all have a strong desire to enjoy clean books every month. None of us likes to be surprised with ... Read More about 65 Clean Books to Read

30 Ways to Be More Patriotic

What is patriotism? It's love, devotion, and pride for one's country. In some ways, we tend to be patriotic in similar ways--no matter which country we're from. We display flags, sing anthems, and celebrate historical events. For me, patriotism is deeply rooted in what my parents and ancestors have taught me and the legacy they have left. Patriotism is so important to me that I want to instill in ... Read More about 30 Ways to Be More Patriotic

19 Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Free Printables That POP!

Father's Day gift ideas. Maybe you're looking for simple Father's Day gifts your children can make. Perhaps you want a personalized gift from you. Or are you in charge of cute little gifts that children from church or the community can make and give to their fathers? Coming up with the perfect idea can be fun or--kind of stressful. Let me help you out. These great ideas are designed to help you ... Read More about 19 Father’s Day Gift Ideas & Free Printables That POP!

Family Strong: 30 Day Challenge

What is a strong family? Ask anyone, and you get an answer like "a family that loves each other." Ask someone else, and you might hear "a family that works together" or "that trusts each other" or "that focuses on God." You see, there are many right answers to this question. Perhaps it's a combination that makes the best answer. For 30 days, we're going to focus on practical things your family ... Read More about Family Strong: 30 Day Challenge