4 of the Best Autism Books for Parents

Over the past 13 years, I've read a lot of autism books. Some were truly helpful, others not so much, and some down-right awful. Especially when a child has just been diagnosed with autism, the parents are desperate for good information. And there's a ton out there--overwhelmingly so. To be of help and to narrow down the options for a good starting point, I'd like to share four of the most helpful ... Read More about 4 of the Best Autism Books for Parents

10 Teen Activities to Do with Your Family

What are some things that families do together? Most people are quick to answer with a myriad of suggestions--from A: attend a community activity to Z: visit the zoo. But when you ask, "What are some fun family activities to do with a teen?", those same people might have a blank stare. Well, I have a teen--and we have some great ideas you can do together. Family Tech Night Spend an evening ... Read More about 10 Teen Activities to Do with Your Family

65 Clean Books to Read

How to find clean books to read: that's something many of us avid readers struggle with. I belong to a book club that is comprised of neighborhood ladies who attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Occasionally, someone not religious or of another faith will join us. Regardless, we all have a strong desire to enjoy clean books every month. None of us likes to be surprised with ... Read More about 65 Clean Books to Read

30 Ways to Be More Patriotic

What is patriotism? It's love, devotion, and pride for one's country. In some ways, we tend to be patriotic in similar ways--no matter which country we're from. We display flags, sing anthems, and celebrate historical events. For me, patriotism is deeply rooted in what my parents and ancestors have taught me and the legacy they have left. Patriotism is so important to me that I want to instill in ... Read More about 30 Ways to Be More Patriotic